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College Humor

Welcome to the website. Here for your amusement, pleasure and entertainment are 1000s of jokes, pictures, games, weird stuff and naval fluff for your pleasure and amusement.  So slip off your shoes, sit back, and  click away at the categories on the sidebar to find items to pleasurate your senses.

Notes: You do not need to be a college student to enjoy this website!!! But it is much better if viewed while drinking a few bottles of beer.



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College Humor Favourite: Debbie Harry - Blondie

See our Debbie Harry Lyrics Section

ultra short dress Debbie Harry Blondie

sexy singer Debbie Harry Blondie
tight dress Debbie Harry Blondie sexy hot pants Debbie Harry Blondie shorts 1970s pictures
Pictures from our Aliens and UFO Collection - Aliens and UFOs
ALIENS-UFO-Alien-autopsy ALIENS-UFO-Alien-abduction-Caught-on-camera-a-space-ship-beams-up-a-young-girl ALIENS-UFO-Alien-Baby-the-result-of-an-alien-and-human-mating ALIENS-UFO-Alien-from-Outer-Space-in-flying-saucer-Rome-Italy-2009
ALIENS-UFO-Aliens-from-Zgorg-practicing-the-ancient-Zgorgian-ritual-of-Tongue-Twisting ALIENS-UFO-Aliens-invade-aburger-bar-Venice-Italy-2004 ALIENS-UFO-Alien-Strangulation-A-shop-assistant-kills-a-young-alien-who-had-no-Earthly-money-to-pay-for-the-goods ALIENS-UFO-An-illegal-alien-This-visitor-from-the-planet-Zxorg-was-sent-packing-after-landing-illegally-in-Spain
From our Wet Bikini Girls Fighting picture collection
Fighting Beach Bikin Girls at Mud Festival bikini girls fighting Sexy Wet Bikini Beach Girl at the Mud Festival Wet sexy fighting girls tiny bikinis
From our Halloween Costumes picture collection
cuttest girl in world sexiest girls in the world sexy supergirl wonderwoman The sexiest dress in the world
From our Anime Girls Pictures collection
Anime Bikini Girls sexy anime schoolgirl school girl Long Legged Girl in red sixies mini skirt Sexy Secretary in Mini Skirt
From our College Girls Pictures collection
Drunk student girl in mini skirt hot pants Shortest dress in the world Tightest Jeans in the World Ultra Short pleated mini skirt

From our Cheryl Cole Lyrics and Pictures collection

cheryl cole pics

cheryl cole photos cheryl cole images cheryl cole see through tshirt nip slip

From our Nicki Minaj Lyrics and Pictures collection

nick minaj pics

nick minaj sexy pics nick minaj sexy pics tshirt see through nick minaj hot pant pictures

Bartenders joke

A guy rushes into a bar, orders four expensive 30-year-old single malts and has the bartender line them up in front of him. Then without pausing, he quickly downs each one. 'Whew,' the bartender remarked, 'you seem to be in a hurry.'
'You would be too if you had what I have.'
'What do you have?' the bartender sympathetically asked.
'Fifty cents.'

Lyrics : Michael Jackson - Earth Song

What about sunrise
What about rain
What about all the things
That you said we were to gain
What about killing fields
Is there a time
What about all the things
That you said was yours and mine
Did you ever stop to notice
All the blood we've shared before
Did you ever stop to notice
This crying Earth this weeping shores?

Aaaaaaaaah, Oooooooooh
Aaaaaaaaah, Oooooooooh

What have we done to the world
Look what we've done
What about all the peace
That you pledge your only son
What about flowering fields
Is there a time
What about all the dreams
That you said was yours and mine
Did you ever stop to notice
All the children dead from war
Did you ever stop to notice
This crying Earth this weeping shores

Aaaaaaaaah, Oooooooooh
Aaaaaaaaah, Oooooooooh

I used to dream
I used to glance beyond the stars
Now I don't know where we are
Although I know we've drifted far

Aaaaaaaaah, Oooooooooh
Aaaaaaaaah, Oooooooooh
Aaaaaaaaah, Oooooooooh
Aaaaaaaaah, Oooooooooh

Hey, what about yesterday
(What about us)
What about the seas
(What about us)
The heavens are falling down
(What about us)
I can't even breathe
(What about us)

What about everthing
(What about us)
I have given you
(What about us)
What about nature's worth

(Ooo, ooo)

It's our planet's womb
(What about us)
What about animals
(What about it)
We've turned kingdoms to dust
(What about us)
What about elephants
(What about us)
Have we lost their trust
(What about us)
What about crying whales
(What about us)
We're ravaging the seas
(What about us)
What about forest trails

(Ooo, ooo)

Burnt despite our pleas
(What about us)
What about the holy land
(What about it)
Torn apart by creed
(What about us)
What about the common man
(What about us)
Can't we set him free
(What about us)
What about children dying
(What about us)
Can't you hear them cry
(What about us)
Where did we go wrong

(Ooo, ooo)

Someone tell me why
(What about us)
What about baby boy
(What about it)
What about the days
(What about us)
What about all their joy
(What about us)
What about the men
(What about us)
What about the crying man
(What about us)
What about Abraham
(What was us)
What about death again

(Ooo, ooo)

Do we give a damn

Aaaaaaaaah, Oooooooooh
Aaaaaaaaah, Oooooooooh...
Hoooh x 12


This weeks favourite poem.

Charlie He’s A Skiver

By Stuart McLean - from "No' Rabbie Burns"

Tune: Charlie He’s Me Darling

O, Charlie he’s a skiver,
A skiver, a skiver.
Charlie he’s a skiver,
The young Chav-in-Gear.

Twas on a Monday Morning,
Jist efter twenty beer,
Thit Charlie came tae oor buroo,
The young Chav-in-Gear.

As he was walking up the aisles,
The claims forms for to view,
O, there he spied the ‘child allowance’,
And some ‘invalidity benefits’ too.

Sae glad he jumped up an’ doon,
Demanding fifty poun’,
Saying “Ah’m goan tae top masel’,
If Ah don’t get it soon”.

We gave him awe the money,
Fur we hudnae any choice,
And now he’s getting awfy pissed,
Wae the other skiving boys.



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