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Celebrate that exam result (whether you pass or fail) with one of these excellent cocktail recipes. Enjoy and remember to drink responsibly!!!

Cocktail Beginning: R

R.B. Winter recipe

RAC Cocktail recipe

Radio City recipe

Radioactive Long Island Iced Tea recipe

Radler recipe

Rafu Eighteen recipe

Raggae Sunsplash recipe

Ragged Company recipe

Raging Bull recipe

Raging Indian recipe

Ragnar recipe

Rail Splitter recipe

Rain Man recipe

Rainbow Brew recipe

Rainbow Julep recipe

Rainbow Orgy recipe

Rainbow Sour recipe

Rambo Shot recipe

Ramcooler recipe

Ramos Fizz recipe

Ramshanked recipe

Randy Andy recipe

Rangers Rocker recipe

Rare Beef recipe

Raspberry Citrus Punch recipe

Raspberry Colada recipe

Raspberry Cooler recipe

Raspberry Cordial recipe

Raspberry Cream recipe

Raspberry Kamikaze recipe

Raspberry Kiss recipe

Raspberry Long Island Ice Tea recipe

Raspberry Martini recipe

Raspberry Punch recipe

Raspberry Release recipe

Raspberry Remix recipe

Raspberry Russian recipe

Raspberry Sex recipe

Raspberry Sherbet Punch recipe

Raspberry Stupid recipe

Raspberry Swirl recipe

Raspberry Tiki Twist Punch recipe

Raspberry Trouffle recipe

Raspberry Truffle recipe

Rat Kiss recipe

Rattlesnake Cocktail recipe

Rattlesnake Shooter recipe

Rattlesnake Shot recipe

Raw Sewage recipe

Razberi Kicker recipe

Razberi Sunsplash recipe

Razzberi Kazi recipe

Razzleberry recipe

Real Romulan Ale recipe

Reality Twist recipe

Rearbuster recipe

Rebel Raider recipe

Rebel Rouser recipe

Rebel Russian recipe

Rebel Yell Cocktail recipe

Red Alert recipe

Red Apple Martini recipe

Red Apple recipe

Red Baron recipe

Red Beard recipe

Red Beer recipe

Red Bruiser Cocktail recipe

Red Cloud recipe

Red Corona recipe

Red Death recipe

Red Devil recipe

Red Dog recipe

Red Dragons Breath recipe

Red Draw recipe

Red Drink recipe

Red Dwarf recipe

Red Eisentrout recipe

Red Eye a la Cocktail recipe

Red Eye recipe

Red Eyed Hell recipe

Red Face recipe

Red Finnish recipe

Red Frog recipe

Red Gin recipe

Red Headed Leg Spreader recipe

Red Headed Mexican recipe

Red Headed Pimp recipe

Red Headed Slut recipe

Red Headed Stepchild recipe

Red Headed Woodpecker recipe

Red Hope recipe

Red Hot Lover recipe

Red Hot recipe

Red Hurricane recipe

Red Lion recipe

Red Lobster recipe

Red Manhattan recipe

Red Melon recipe

Red Mosquito recipe

Red Mouth recipe

Red Nail recipe

Red Nuts recipe

Red Orange recipe

Red Ox recipe

Red Panties recipe

Red Raider recipe

Red Rasputin recipe

Red Rattlesnake recipe

Red Rock recipe

Red Rooster recipe

Red Royal recipe

Red Royal Shot recipe

Red Ruby recipe

Red Rudolph recipe

Red Russian recipe

Red Snapper recipe

Red Square recipe

Red Tequila recipe

Red Velvet recipe

Red Vodkatini recipe

Red Wine Cooler recipe

Red Wine Punch recipe

Red Zalo recipe

Red, White and Blue recipe

Redcoat recipe

Redneck Cocktail recipe

Redneck Prairie Fire recipe

Reform Cocktail recipe

Refreshing Apple Lemonade recipe

Regatta recipe

Reggae Ambassador recipe

Reggae Cocktail recipe

Remmsen Cooler recipe

Remsen Cooler recipe

Rensselaer Slam recipe

Reptile recipe

Resaca Water recipe

Resolute Cocktail recipe

Retribution recipe

Reve Satin recipe

Reynolds Special recipe

Rhino recipe

Rhubarb Syrup recipe

Ricard Tomate recipe

Rick recipe

Ridley recipe

Rieber Red Margarita recipe

Riedinger recipe

Rigori recipe

Riley recipe

Ringo recipe

Rip Griffin recipe

Riprock recipe

Rising Skirt recipe

Ritchie Ritchie recipe

Ritz Bar Fizz recipe

Ritz Cocktail recipe

Ritz Fizz recipe

Ritz Old-Fashioned recipe

Riviera recipe

Roadkill recipe

Roadkill Toaster Oven recipe

Roadrunner Punch recipe

Roadster recipe

Rob Love recipe

Rob Roy recipe

Robicheaux recipe

Robinson recipe

Robitussin recipe

Robson Cocktail recipe

Robyn recipe

Rocha-Gil recipe

Rochdale Cowboy recipe

Rock and Rye Cocktail recipe

Rock and Rye Cooler recipe

Rock Lobster recipe

Rock-and-Rye Toddy recipe

Rocket Fuel recipe

Rocky Mountain Bear Kiss recipe

Rocky Point Bomber recipe

Rococo recipe

Rod on the Rocks recipe

Roffsing recipe

Roger Swims a Mile recipe

Roll Me Over recipe

Rollercoaster recipe

Rolling Green Elixer recipe

Rolling Rock and Roll recipe

Rolls-Royce recipe

Roman Candle recipe

Roman Punch recipe

Romona Banana recipe

Romulan Ale recipe

Roni recipe

Rontini recipe

Rooster Tail recipe

Root Beer Barrel recipe

Root Beer Fizz recipe

Root Beer Float recipe

Root Beer recipe

Root Canal recipe

Rootbeer Floatie recipe

Rootbeer Piss recipe

Rosalind Russell recipe

Rosarita Highball recipe

Rosarita recipe

Rose and Thistle recipe

Rose Cocktail recipe

Rose de Mai Cocktail recipe

Rose of the Ritz recipe

Rose Water recipe

Roselyn Cocktail recipe

Rosemary recipe

Rosetta recipe

Rosita recipe

Rosy Martini recipe

Rotten Pussy recipe

Rouge Martini recipe

Round-Up recipe

Round-Up recipe

Roy Rogers recipe

Royal Bill recipe

Royal Bitch recipe

Royal Butt recipe

Royal Caribbean Kiss recipe

Royal Clover Club Cocktail recipe

Royal Cocktail recipe

Royal Crown Royal recipe

Royal Fizz recipe

Royal Flush recipe

Royal Gin Fizz recipe

Royal Hawaiian recipe

Royal Kiss recipe

Royal Laundry recipe

Royal Passion recipe

Royal Peach recipe

Royal Peaches and Cream recipe

Royal Romance recipe

Royal Scandal recipe

Royal Silver recipe

Royal Smile Cocktail recipe

Royal Temptation recipe

Royal Turkey recipe

Royal Wild Strawberry recipe

Royale Coffee recipe

Royalty Fizz recipe

Rubber Chicken recipe

Rubbermeister recipe

Ruby Fizz recipe

Ruby in the Rough recipe

Ruby Port Cobbler recipe

Ruby Relaxer recipe

Ruby Slipper recipe

Ruby Tuesday recipe

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer recipe

Rue Royale recipe

Rugburn recipe

Rum Aid recipe

Rum Alexander recipe

Rum Bubble recipe

Rum Cobbler recipe

Rum Coke Float recipe

Rum Collins recipe

Rum Cooler recipe

Rum Daisy recipe

Rum Dubonnet recipe

Rum Eggnog recipe

Rum Fix recipe

Rum Fizz recipe

Rum Highball recipe

Rum Martini recipe

Rum Milk Punch recipe

Rum Old-Fashioned recipe

Rum Punch (Alcoholic) recipe

Rum Punch recipe

Rum Ramsay recipe

Rum Rickey recipe

Rum Runner recipe

Rum Sazerac recipe

Rum Scaffa recipe

Rum Screwdriver recipe

Rum Shrub recipe

Rum Snap recipe

Rum Sour recipe

Rum Stinger recipe

Rum Sunday recipe

Rum Swizzle recipe

Rum Toddy recipe

Rumage recipe

Rumka recipe

Rumless Rickey recipe

Rummple recipe

Rumple Shock recipe

Run for Your Money recipe

Ruptured Duck recipe

Russian Apple recipe

Russian Bear recipe

Russian Bloody Mary recipe

Russian Boilermaker recipe

Russian Brunch recipe

Russian Cadillac recipe

Russian Candy recipe

Russian Cocktail recipe

Russian Coffee recipe

Russian Comfort recipe

Russian Denim recipe

Russian Funk recipe

Russian Iceberg recipe

Russian Kamikaze recipe

Russian Kelman recipe

Russian Monster Tom Collins recipe

Russian Mountain Dew recipe

Russian Qualude recipe

Russian Rose recipe

Russian Roulette recipe

Russian Sarin recipe

Russian Satellite recipe

Russian Seven recipe

Russian Shamrock recipe

Russian Sunset recipe

Russian Tea recipe

Rusty Mist recipe

Rusty Nail recipe

Rusty Screw recipe

Rye and Ginger recipe

Rye and Pepper recipe

Rye Club Cocktail recipe

Rye Sling recipe

Rye Sour recipe

Rye Whiskey Cocktail recipe

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If you enjoyed making these cocktails then try our other recipes . . . COCKTAILS


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