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Celebrate that exam result (whether you pass or fail) with one of these excellent cocktail recipes. Enjoy and remember to drink responsibly!!!

Cocktail Beginning: M

M&M recipe

M.V.P. recipe

Ma Bonnie Wee Hen recipe

Ma Wee Hen recipe

Ma Wee Hen recipe

Macarena Mist recipe

Macaroni recipe

Macaroon recipe

MacArthur Cocktail recipe

MacAttack recipe

Machetazo recipe

Machiavelli Pina Colada recipe

Machine recipe

Machu Picchu recipe

Mackinnon Spice recipe

Mad Bomber recipe

Mad Cow recipe

Mad Dog Shot recipe

Mad Hatter recipe

Mad Melon Cocktail recipe

Madame Rene recipe

Maddress recipe

Madeleine recipe

Madison Avenue Cocktail recipe

Madison Lemonade recipe

Madonna recipe

Madras recipe

Maeek recipe

Maestro recipe

Maggie May recipe

Magic Dew recipe

Magic Flute recipe

Magic Island recipe

Magic Mountain Dew recipe

Magic Punch recipe

Magic Spritzer recipe

Magic Star recipe

Magic Trick recipe

Magic Woman recipe

Magique recipe

Magnolia Blossom recipe

Magnolia Maiden recipe

Magnolia Milk Punch recipe

Mahwah Iced Tea recipe

Mai Tai Mai recipe

Maiden Head recipe

Maiden-No-More recipe

Maier Special recipe

Mainbrace recipe

Major Bailey recipe

Major Bradbury recipe

Major Tom recipe

Make Believe recipe

Malaria Killer recipe

Malayan Gold recipe

Malcolm Lowry recipe

Malibu and Soda recipe

Malibu Barbie recipe

Malibu Bay Breeze recipe

Malibu Bomber recipe

Malibu Breeze recipe

Malibu Cherry recipe

Malibu Dew recipe

Malibu Dreams recipe

Malibu Express recipe

Malibu Heaven recipe

Malibu Jane recipe

Malibu Jello recipe

Malibu Juice recipe

Malibu Massage recipe

Malibu Milk Shake recipe

Malibu Mocha Milkshake recipe

Malibu Paradise recipe

Malibu Peach recipe

Malibu Pink Panther recipe

Malibu Pop recipe

Malibu Punch recipe

Malibu Reggae Rainbow recipe

Malibu Rum Rusher recipe

Malibu Screw recipe

Malibu Seven recipe

Malibu Smash recipe

Malibu Snapper recipe

Malibu Summer Splash recipe

Malibu Sunrise recipe

Malibu Sunset recipe

Malibu Surfer recipe

Malibu Tequichi recipe

Malibu Twister recipe

Malibu Wave recipe

Malibu Zinger recipe

Malihini Punch recipe

Mallelieu recipe

Malmaison recipe

Mamacita recipe

Mambabajamba recipe

Mamie Gilroy recipe

Mamie Taylor recipe

Man in the Melon recipe

Man of the Moment recipe

Man Overboard recipe

Manchurian Candidate recipe

Mancran Cocktail recipe

Mandarin Crush recipe

Mandarin Daiquiri recipe

Mandarin Delight recipe

Mandarin Dream recipe

Mandarin recipe

Mandarin Split recipe

Mandarin Sunrise recipe

Mandarin Sunrise recipe

Mandarine Bourbon recipe

Mandarine Imperiale recipe

Mandarine Passion recipe

Mandarine Summertime recipe

Mandate recipe

Mandeville recipe

Mandeville-Polar recipe

Mandi Candy recipe

Mandrin Cherry Smash recipe

Mandy Sea recipe

Mango Bellini recipe

Mango Chimp recipe

Mango Daiquiri recipe

Mango Margarita recipe

Mango Mint recipe

Mango Mojito recipe

Mango Mosa recipe

Mango Orange Smoothie recipe

Mango Sunrise recipe

Mangotini recipe

Manhasset recipe

Manhattan Bella recipe

Manhattan Perfect recipe

Manila Fizz recipe

Manila Flame recipe

Manilla Gorilla recipe

Mansion Margarita recipe

Maple Lake Irish Shock recipe

Maple Leaf recipe

Maple Syrup Shot recipe

Maradona recipe

Maragato recipe

Maragato Special recipe

Maraschino Cherry recipe

Maraschino Collins recipe

Marc Feldini recipe

Marcelita recipe

Mardee Mine recipe

Mardi Gras Flasher recipe

MargaFeni recipe

Margaret In The Marketplace recipe

Margarita Cocktail recipe

Maria Mia recipe

Maria Theresa recipe

Mariachi recipe

Marianne recipe

Maria-Rocker recipe

Marijuana Milkshake recipe

Marilyn Monroe recipe

Marimba recipe

Marionette recipe

Mariposa recipe

Maritime Martini recipe

Mark Twain Cocktail recipe

Marlene Dietrich recipe

Marmalade Highball recipe

Marrakech Express recipe

Marshall recipe

Martha Stewart recipe

Martian Cherry recipe

Martian Martini recipe

Martian Sex Monster recipe

Martina Mandarina recipe

Martinet recipe

Martinez recipe

Martini Bovine recipe

Martini Clementine recipe

Martini Cocktail recipe

Martini Dominikanis recipe

Martini Milano recipe

Martini Navratilova recipe

Martini, Patton recipe

Martunia recipe

Marvellaid recipe

Marvin Hagler recipe

Marvin The Martian recipe

Mary Elizabeth Wagoner recipe

Mary Garden Cocktail recipe

Mary Pickford Cocktail recipe

Maryville Sweet recipe

Masala Chai recipe

Mashed Kermit recipe

Massacre recipe

Masterblaster recipe

Matador Cocktail recipe

Matinee recipe

Matisse recipe

Matteress recipe

Matti Nyknen recipe

Maui Breeze recipe

Maui Cocktail recipe

Maui Eruption recipe

Maurice Chevalier recipe

Maurice Cocktail recipe

Max The Silent recipe

Max the Silent recipe

Maxim recipe

Maxi-Pad recipe

May Blossum Fizz recipe

Mayan Sacrafice recipe

Mayan Whore recipe

Mayfair recipe

Mayflower Cocktail recipe

Mayflower Martini recipe

Mayor Billy recipe

Mazerati recipe

Mazrick recipe

Mcclelland Cocktail recipe

McDuff recipe

McGorgan recipe

McTavish recipe

Mean Green Love Making Machine recipe

Mean Green Machine recipe

Mean Machine recipe

Medd recipe

Medusa Punch recipe

Meiner recipe

Meister Mind Meld recipe

Mekong recipe

Melberry recipe

Mellow Hiker recipe

Mellow Yellow recipe

Melon Ball recipe

Melon Breeze recipe

Melon Cocktail recipe

Melon Colada recipe

Melon Cooler recipe

Melon Daiquiri recipe

Melon Fever recipe

Melon Island recipe

Melon Jones recipe

Melon Lime Daiquiri recipe

Melon Margarita recipe

Melon Martini recipe

Melon Patch recipe

Melon Popper recipe

Melon Pousse Cafe recipe

Melon Roy recipe

Melon Sour recipe

Melon Spritz recipe

Melon Tonic recipe

Melon Tree recipe

Melonade recipe

Melonball recipe

Meloncholy Baby recipe

Melonoma recipe

Melonrita recipe

Melzinho recipe

Memachau recipe

Menace Shot recipe

Menage A Trois recipe

Menstrual Cycle recipe

Mercenary recipe

Merete recipe

Merete recipe

Merry Christmas recipe

Merry Widow Cocktail recipe

Merry Widow Fizz recipe

Metropolitan recipe

Mexican Bliss recipe

Mexican Blonde recipe

Mexican Cappuccino recipe

Mexican Cherry recipe

Mexican Chocolate recipe

Mexican Coffee Liqueur recipe

Mexican Coffee recipe

Mexican Colada recipe

Mexican Dew recipe

Mexican Dream recipe

Mexican Flag recipe

Mexican Grasshopper recipe

Mexican Iceberg recipe

Mexican Iced Tea recipe

Mexican Kelman recipe

Mexican Madras recipe

Mexican Martini recipe

Mexican Midget recipe

Mexican Mountie recipe

Mexican Mouthwash recipe

Mexican Mudslide recipe

Mexican Prairie Fire recipe

Mexican Riptide recipe

Mexican Rose recipe

Mexican Screw recipe

Mexican Sexy Lemonade recipe

Mexican Skirt recipe

Mexican Stand-Off recipe

Mexican Strawberry recipe

Mexican Surfer recipe

Mexican Titty recipe

Mexican Virgin recipe

Mexican Wife Beater recipe

Mexicana recipe

Mexicola recipe

Miami Beach Cocktail recipe

Miami Cocktail recipe

Miami Hurricane recipe

Miami Ice recipe

Miami Iced Tea recipe

Miami Meloni recipe

Miami Sunset recipe

Miami Vice recipe

Michealado recipe

Michelada recipe

Michelada Regular recipe

Mickey Mouse recipe

Microwave Hot Cocoa recipe

Midgetini recipe

Midland Mayham recipe

Midnight Cocktail recipe

Midnight Cowboy recipe

Midnight Express recipe

Midnight Flight to Malibu recipe

Midnight Kiss recipe

Midnight Lemonade recipe

Midnight Liaison recipe

Midnight Oil recipe

Mid-Night Passion recipe

Midnight Sun recipe

Midori Alexander recipe

Midori Chan recipe

Midori Cocktail recipe

Midori Colada recipe

Midori Dream recipe

Midori Ecstacy recipe

Midori Green Russian recipe

Midori Hack recipe

Midori Illusion recipe

Midori Jello Shots recipe

Midori Mai Tai recipe

Midori Margarita recipe

Midori Mimosa recipe

Midori Sour recipe

Midori Sour Ultra recipe

Midori Splice recipe

Midori Sun recipe

Midori Sunrise recipe

Mid-Summer Tea recipe

Midtwinkle Martini recipe

Midweek Tweak recipe

Midwest Stop Light recipe

Migraine recipe

Mikado recipe

Mike Davis recipe

Mike Tyson recipe

Mikey Mike recipe

Milano Cocktail recipe

Mile Highball recipe

Milk of Amnesia recipe

Milk Punch recipe

Milk Stiffy recipe

Milky Way Galaxy recipe

Milky Way Martini recipe

Milky Way recipe

Millennium Cocktail recipe

Millionaire recipe

Million-Dollar Cocktail recipe

Milpsi recipe

Milwaukee Stop Light recipe

Mimosa recipe

Mind Bender recipe

Mind Bomb recipe

Mind Eraser recipe

Mind Game recipe

Mind Over Marny recipe

Mindbender recipe

Minnesota Slammer recipe

Mint Chip recipe

Mint Collins recipe

Mint Condition recipe

Mint Daiquiri recipe

Mint Gin Cocktail recipe

Mint Highball recipe

Mint Julep recipe

Mint Martini recipe

Mint Melt-Away recipe

Mint Russian recipe

Mint Russki recipe

Mint Tea recipe

Minttini recipe

Mirage recipe

Miss Belle recipe

Miss Money Penny recipe

Miss Pastore recipe

Miss Tina recipe

Miss V recipe

Missile Rider recipe

Missile Stopper recipe

Mississippi Magic recipe

Mississippi Mud recipe

Mississippi Planters Punch recipe

Missle Pop recipe

Mist and Cola recipe

Mist Cream recipe

Mist Iced Tea recipe

Mistea recipe

Mister Christian recipe

Mister Wu recipe

Mistletoe recipe

Mistolin recipe

Mistral recipe

Mistress recipe

Mithering Bastard recipe

Mitosis recipe

Moana Sands recipe

Mob Witnesses recipe

Mocha Blanca Martini recipe

Mocha Flip recipe

Mocha Freeze recipe

Mocha Martini recipe

Mocha Mint Cappuccino recipe

Mocha Mint recipe

Mocha Mudslide Milkshake recipe

Mocha-Berry recipe

Mochito recipe

Mock Beer recipe

Mock Daisy Crusta recipe

Mock Pink Champagne recipe

Model United Nations recipe

Modern Cocktail recipe

Mofo Cocktail recipe

Mogadon recipe

Mogul Masher recipe

Moheezy recipe

Mohican recipe

Moi? recipe

Moilanen recipe

Moira recipe

Mojambo Punch recipe

Mojito recipe

Mojito Tampa recipe

Mojo recipe

Molehill Lounger recipe

Moles Juice recipe

Molester Cocktail recipe

Moll Flanders Cocktail recipe

Molokai Mike recipe

Molotov Cocktail recipe

Moment Brutale recipe

Monaco recipe

Mona-Lisa recipe

Monastery Cocktail recipe

Moneyshot recipe

Mongolian Dingbat recipe

Mongolian MotherKisser recipe

Mongolian recipe

Monk on Coke recipe

Monkey Cum recipe

Monkey Doo recipe

Monkey Gland recipe

Monkey In a Tree recipe

Monkey Island recipe

Monkey La La recipe

Monkey Madness recipe

Monkey Tree recipe

Monkey Wrench recipe

Monongahela Cobbler recipe

Monster Slime Juice recipe

Monster Squad recipe

Mont Blanc recipe

Montana recipe

Monte Carlo Imperial recipe

Monte Cristo recipe

Montezuma recipe

Montgomery recipe

Montmartre Cocktail recipe

Montreal Club Bouncer recipe

Montreal Gin Sour recipe

Moody Blue recipe

Moog Patrol Swisher recipe

Moon Drops recipe

Moon Inn Cocktail recipe

Moon Quake Shake recipe

Moon River recipe

Moonlight Drive recipe

Moonlight recipe

Moonlight Serenade recipe

Moonraker recipe

Moose Juice recipe

Moose Martini recipe

Moose Piss recipe

Mooselips recipe

Moosemilk recipe

Moranguito recipe

Morbid Angel recipe

More Sunshine recipe

Morgan Madras recipe

Morir Sonando recipe

Mormon Surprise recipe

Morning Cocktail recipe

Morning Dew recipe

Morning Glory Cocktail recipe

Morning Glory Fizz recipe

Morning Milk recipe

Morning Wood recipe

Morro recipe

Morticia recipe

Mortini recipe

Mortuary Mix recipe

Moscow Bobsled recipe

Moscow Chill recipe

Moscow Mule recipe

Mosstrooper recipe

Mostly Mal recipe

Motel Wrecker recipe

Mother Cocktail recipe

Mother Moo recipe

Mother Pucker recipe

MotherKisser recipe

MotherKisser Shot recipe

Motor Oil recipe

Mott Street Manhattan recipe

Moulin Rouge Cocktail recipe

Mounds recipe

Mount Fuji recipe

Mount Red recipe

Mountain Breeze recipe

Mountain Cider High recipe

Mountain Cocktail recipe

Mountain Dang recipe

Mountain Dew recipe

Mountain Melon recipe

Mountain Sunrise recipe

Mountaineer On Acid recipe

Mountie recipe

Mowed Lawn recipe

Mozart Chocolate Liqueur recipe

Mozart Cocktail recipe

Mozart Cocktail recipe

Mozart Cola recipe

Mozart Eiskaffee recipe

Mozart Esprit recipe

Mozart Kaffee recipe

Mozart Milkshake recipe

Mozart Mint recipe

Mozart Orange recipe

Mozart Sonatine recipe

Mr G recipe

Mr. Gerbik recipe

Mr. Manhattan Cocktail recipe

Mr. New Yorker recipe

Mr. T Whiskey recipe

Mrs. Taylors recipe

Mt. Jack recipe

Much Fuss for the Conquering Hero recipe

Mud and Blood recipe

Mud Kiss recipe

Muddy Puddle recipe

Muddy River recipe

Muddy Water recipe

Mudskipper recipe

Mudslinger recipe

Muff Diver recipe

Muff Rider recipe

Mug Shot recipe

Mulata recipe

Mulatto Russian recipe

Mule recipe

Mulled Claret recipe

Mulled Madeira recipe

Mulled Port recipe

Mulled Red Wine recipe

Mulled Wine recipe

Mullens Mai Tai recipe

Multi-Colored Smurf recipe

Multiple Orgasm Cajun Style recipe

Mumbai Bombshell recipe

Mumbo Jumbo recipe

Mumsicle recipe

Munchausen recipe

Mundo Fine recipe

Muppet recipe

Murder in the Forest recipe

Muscovy Martini recipe

Muskmelon recipe

Mussaka recipe

Mussolini recipe

Mustang Ranch Freebie recipe

Mustique Whammy recipe

Mutagen recipe

Mutiny recipe

Mutual Orgasm recipe

My Antonella recipe

My Pleasure recipe

My Sweet Midori recipe

Myrtle Bank Punch recipe

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If you enjoyed making these cocktails then try our other recipes . . . COCKTAILS


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