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College Humor - Free Song Lyrics

Lyrics from some of the best songs ever written.


Lyrics by: Blondie

Blondie - (Can I) Find The Right Words (To Say)

Blondie - (I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence, Dear

Blondie - 11:59

Blondie - 11:59 (Live in Dallas 1980)

Blondie - A Shark In Jet's Clothing

Blondie - A Shark In Jet's Clothing/I Know But I Don't Know (Live in Philadelphia 1978)

Blondie - Accidents Never Happen

Blondie - Angel Eyes

Blondie - Angels On The Balcony

Blondie - Atomic

Blondie - Atomic (Armand's Short Circuit Mix)

Blondie - Atomic (Armand's Short Cut Mix)

Blondie - Atomic (Diddy Remix)

Blondie - Atomic (Diddy's 12' Mix)

Blondie - Atomic (Diddy's 12in Mix)

Blondie - Aubergine

Blondie - Babble A La Roy

Blondie - Backfired

Blondie - BackGround Melody (The Only One)

Blondie - Bad Dreams

Blondie - Bang A Gong (Get It On) (Live)

Blondie - Bang A Gong-Funtime (Live in Dallas 1980)

Blondie - Bermuda Triangle Blues (Flight 45)

Blondie - Beyond The Limit

Blondie - Bike Boy

Blondie - Boom Boom In The Zoom Zoom Room

Blondie - Brite Side

Blondie - Buckle Up

Blondie - Bugeye

Blondie - Call Me

Blondie - Call Me (Debbie Does Dallas)

Blondie - Call Me (E-Smoove's Beat Vocal Mix)

Blondie - Call Me (Spanish Version)

Blondie - Call Me (Theme From American Gigolo) (Original Single Version)



Blondie - Calmarie

Blondie - Cautious Lip

Blondie - Chrome

Blondie - Comic Books

Blondie - Communion

Blondie - Contact In Red Square

Blondie - Danceway

Blondie - Dancing Down The Moon

Blondie - Denis

Blondie - Denis (Live in Philadelphia 1978)

Blondie - Desire Brings Me Back

Blondie - Detroit 442

Blondie - Diamond Bridge

Blondie - Die Young Stay Pretty

Blondie - Dig Up The Conjo

Blondie - Divine

Blondie - Do The Dark

Blondie - Dog Star Girl

Blondie - Doncha Go 'Way Mad

Blondie - Don't Look Around

Blondie - Double Take

Blondie - Dragonfly

Blondie - Dreaming

Blondie - Dreaming (Live in Dallas 1980)

Blondie - Dreaming (The Sub-Urban Dream Mix)

Blondie - Dreaming (Utah Saints Mix)

Blondie - Eat To The Beat

Blondie - End Of The Run

Blondie - End To End

Blondie - English Boys

Blondie - Europa

Blondie - Faces

Blondie - Fade Away And Radiate

Blondie - Fade Away And Radiate (108 BPM Mix)

Blondie - Fade Away And Radiate (Live in Philadelphia 1978)

Blondie - Fan Mail

Blondie - Feel The Spin (Extended Version)

Blondie - Follow Me

Blondie - For Your Eyes Only

Blondie - Forced To Live

Blondie - Forgive And Forget

Blondie - Free To Fall

Blondie - French Kissin' In The USA

Blondie - Get Your Way

Blondie - Go Through It

Blondie - Golden Rod

Blondie - Good Boys

Blondie - Hanging On The Telephone

Blondie - Hanging On The Telephone (Live in Dallas 1980)

Blondie - Hanging On The Telephone (Nose Bleed Handbag Mix)

Blondie - Happy Dog (For Caggy)

Blondie - He Is So

Blondie - Heart Of Glass

Blondie - Heart Of Glass (Best Of Blondie Mix)

Blondie - Heart Of Glass (Diddy's Adorable Illusion Mix)

Blondie - Heart Of Glass (Disco Version)

Blondie - Heart Of Glass (Live in Dallas 1980)

Blondie - Heart Of Glass (MK 12' Mix)

Blondie - Heart Of Glass (MK 12in)

Blondie - Heart Of Glass (Richie Jones Club Mix)

Blondie - Heart On A Wall

Blondie - Hello Joe

Blondie - Here's Looking At You

Blondie - Heroes (Live)

Blondie - I Can See Clearly

Blondie - I Didn't Have The Nerve To Say No

Blondie - I Know But I Don't Know

Blondie - I Want That Man

Blondie - I Want That Man (Allanah Currie-Tom Bailey)

Blondie - I Want You

Blondie - I'll Never Fall In Love

Blondie - I'm Gonna Love You Too

Blondie - I'm On E

Blondie - Imitation Of A Kiss

Blondie - In Love With Love

Blondie - In The Flesh

Blondie - In The Flesh (Best Of Blondie Mix)

Blondie - In The Sun

Blondie - In The Sun (Live in Dallas 1980)

Blondie - Inner City Spillover

Blondie - Island Of Lost Souls

Blondie - It Came From Outer Space-Star Dust

Blondie - Jive Samba (Part II)

Blondie - Jump Jump

Blondie - Just Go Away

Blondie - Keep On Going

Blondie - Kidnapper

Blondie - Kiss It Better

Blondie - Kung Fu Girls

Blondie - Last One In The World

Blondie - L'il Darlin'

Blondie - Lip Service

Blondie - Little Caesar

Blondie - Little Girl Lies

Blondie - Little Metal Drummer (Little Metal Drummer)

Blondie - Little Metal Drummer (Prelude)

Blondie - Live It Up

Blondie - Living In The Real World

Blondie - Living In Your Heart

Blondie - Look Good In Blue

Blondie - Love At The Pier

Blondie - Lovelight

Blondie - Magic (Asadoya Yunta)

Blondie - Man Overboard

Blondie - Maria

Blondie - Maybe For Sure

Blondie - Maybe I'm Lost

Blondie - Military Rap

Blondie - Mood Ring

Blondie - My Last Date (With You)

Blondie - My Little World

Blondie - Night Wind Sent

Blondie - No Exit

Blondie - No Imagination

Blondie - Nothing Is Real But The Girl

Blondie - Now I Know You Know

Blondie - Numbers Don't Count (On Me)

Blondie - Oasis

Blondie - Ole

Blondie - Once I Had A Love

Blondie - One Way Or Another

Blondie - One Way Or Another (Damien's Supermarket Mix)

Blondie - One Way Or Another (Live in Philadelphia 1978)

Blondie - Orchid Club

Blondie - Out In The Streets

Blondie - Picture This

Blondie - Picture This (Live in Philadelphia 1978)

Blondie - Platinum Blonde

Blondie - Poet's Problem

Blondie - Pork Chop

Blondie - Pretty Baby

Blondie - Puerto Rico

Blondie - Rain

Blondie - Rapture

Blondie - Rapture (K-klass Remix)

Blondie - Rapture (K-klassic Mix)

Blondie - Rapture (Original Promo Single Version)

Blondie - Rifle Range

Blondie - Ring Of Fire (Live)

Blondie - Rip Her To Shreds

Blondie - Rockbird

Blondie - Rules for Live

Blondie - Rush Rush (Extended Version)

Blondie - Scenery

Blondie - Screaming Skin

Blondie - Secret Life

Blondie - ShakeDown

Blondie - Shayla

Blondie - Slow Motion

Blondie - Slow Motion (Live in Dallas 1980)

Blondie - Songs Of Love

Blondie - Sound-A-Sleep

Blondie - Stability

Blondie - Standing In My Way

Blondie - Strike Me Pink

Blondie - Sunday Girl

Blondie - Sunday Girl (Best Of Blondie Mix)

Blondie - Sunday Girl (French Version)

Blondie - Sunday Girl (Hardly Handbag Mix)

Blondie - Sunday Girl (Live in Dallas 1980)

Blondie - Surrender

Blondie - Susie And Jeffrey

Blondie - Sweet And Low

Blondie - T-Birds

Blondie - Teardrops

Blondie - The Attack Of The Giant Ants

Blondie - The Beast

Blondie - The Dream's Lost On Me

Blondie - The Fugitive

Blondie - The Hardest Part

Blondie - The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game

Blondie - The Jam Was Moving

Blondie - The King Of Steam

Blondie - The Thin Line

Blondie - The Tide Is High

Blondie - The Tide Is High (Sand Dollar Mix)

Blondie - The Tingler

Blondie - Under Arrest

Blondie - Under The Gun [For Jeffrey Lee Pierce]

Blondie - Under The Ice

Blondie - Underground Girl

Blondie - Undone

Blondie - Union City Blue

Blondie - Union City Blue (Diddy's Power And Passion Mix)

Blondie - Victor

Blondie - Walk Like Me

Blondie - War Child

Blondie - Well, Did You Evah!

Blondie - Will Anything Happen

Blondie - X Offender

Blondie - You Got Me In Trouble

Blondie - You Look Good In Blue (Live in Dallas 1980)

Blondie - Youth Nabbed As Sniper

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