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Aliens and UFO - Pictures from our Outer Space Collection

Here are some very strange photographs of aliens, abductions and Unidentified Flying Objects - we are sure that after looking at these you will believe in life on other planets . . .


Borgo Mercatale a Urbino UFO minutes before landing

This UFO landed in a park near Edinburgh Scotland in 2005 Two Aliens captured

Men from Mars UK Research Laboratory Photo of an Alien found in Lanark Scotland

A man who was abducted by Aliens and suffered horrendous experiments

This lady was abducted by Aliens from the UFO Germany 2002

Morning sighting This UFO was spotted over Amsterdam

UFO seen over Alaska January 2005

Alien attempting to cross the road

Strange aliens seen climbing down from a UFO in France 1996

Strange Alien found in Bonnybridge Scotland December 2000

Friendly Alien Paris France 2001


Taken from a plane to Hong Kong several UFO can clearly be seen

Alien Sports caught on camera by a woman abducted in 2003

Dog abducts Alien

Secret Alien Photos taken by MI6 in London

Picture of man after Alien Abduction New York 2009

Creature from Whorlo attacks young girl by eating its way into her hand

Friendly alien on the streets of New York Photo taken August 1966

A three eyes alien beside her space ship

Sptted near Florence Italy A UFO takes off

Monk vs Alien

A Cat from Outer Space This Alien creature was found in Bonnybridge Scotland

UFO sighting Falkirk Scotland in 1999

Attack of the Alien Babies

Aliens go to the toilet too

Aliens over Rochester Castle Medway Kent England May 2003

Failed Alien invasion This poor creature crashed his UFO and is stranded on Earth

Hameln Germany A UFO hovers over farmland

Two UFO investigating a housing estate near York England

Aliens invade a burger bar Venice Italy 2004

An Alien disguised as a cupcake

Eichstatt Residenzplatz die Aliens kommen

One of the Aliens at NYCs Mars 2112

Alien Baby the result of an alien and human mating

The Science of Aliens Exhibition on the existance of extraterrestrial life

Alien Graffitti Proof that Aliens exist

Girl in tiny bikini and mini skirt watches UFO over Central Park No one else noticed the spaceship

Dead Alien from the Rosewell UFO Museum and Research Centre

Aliens from Zgorg practicing the ancient Zgorgian ritual of Tongue Twisting

Two small Aliens in grass Wisconsin USA 2008

A UFO shortly before landing near Mexico City

A group of Friendly Aliens arrive in Edinburgh for Homecoming Year 2009

Alien abducts human baby Picture taken London 2008

This Alien UFO was seen heading for Roswell in April 2008

Photo of Unidentified Flying Object Canada 2005

Circular UFO hovers over cottage Start of abduction

Mysterious UFO at the north coast of Denmark May 2009

Monsters versus Aliens

Unidentified Flying Object seen hovering over New Jersey

Alien abduction caught on camera Young man being abducted to Martian UFO

Buzzing UFO over highway B83 USA Sighting December 2007

Gargoile and UFO Paris July 2007

Alien Strangulation A shop assistant kills a young alien who had no Earthly money to pay for the goods

UFO contact over the city of Hanover Germany in August 2007

UFO sighting near Las Vegas 2008

An alien invader attempts to look almost human

UFO Abductions in Pacifica 2006

What do Aliens eat Pizza

Close up of an Alien Photo taken in New Zealand 2005

Alien Abduction Two humans arrive back unharmed after two week abduction

Tower block being buzzed by a UFO

Kitzbuhel Unidentified Flying Object buzzed locals for several days in 2006

A woman from the planet Xooge living illegally in Wales disguised as a human

Photo taken near Boston USA A UFO hovered for some 20 minutes

A UFO hovers over the Pacific Ocean

Sticker from the back of a space ship Proof that Aliens have visited Earth

An alien runner photographed during the London Marathon 2007

Alien abduction Caught on camera a space ship beams up a young girl

City Hall being buzzed by two UFOs

An illegal alien This visitor from the planet Zxorg was sent packing after landing illegally in Spain

Glasgow Scotland A UFO landed for a burger and chips

UFO hovers over a field near London October 2009

Alien from Outer Space in flying saucer Rome Italy 2009

Man walking Alien baby Painted on a wall in Palo Alto California

At the riverbank Weser UFO hovered for 5 minutes

A cleverly disguised Alien haunts the streets of Amsterdam

EPCOT in Walt Disney World Paris France UFO sighting

ET Phone Home

Close Up of an Alien Invader This one has travelled millions of miles to reach planet Earth

Alien autopsy

Unidentified Flying Objects These UFOs were sighted over Birmingham 2004

Picture of Alien Monster taken in Tokio March 1995

Alien Invasion These creatures landed in Australia in 1998 Fortunately they were only 4 inch tall

Alien Hybrid What hapens when an alien mates with a human

Aliens invade Toronto Story kept quiet by Government

Young boy kidnapped by Alien This attempted abduction was stopped by boys mother

Near Texas a UFO hovers in a blue sky

UFO Invasion Paris 2004

Reflections of two Aliens spotted in New Zealand

Alien discovers that its not wise to invade during winter

Dog eats Alien Two creatures landed in Alaska May 2006 but sadly were eaten by Brutus

Beauty and the Alien An unsuspecting woman dances with Martian

Alien Autopsy From the UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell New Mexico

Men are from Mars Alien Photographed December 2006 Edinburgh Scotland

Alien Co workers

Spur Trail from the Massie Gap Parking Lot Sighting of UFO

Alien Pole Dancer

Alien abduction This UFO was seen in the streets above Manhatton in 2003

An Alien Family looking for souvenirs to take back to Mars













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